This paper is high quality paper used by many different  model decal makers. We stock many different water slide and vinyl papers that can be used in most laser printers and color copiers and ink jet printers.

After your decals are printed, you can apply a coat of  liquid decal film over the print before using the decal. You can use clear coat or decal film; its your choice as both work well (liquid decal film is less expensive).  You can apply the decal film using a foam squeegee or other type of spreading tool or brush. Just paint the film over the entire sheet or just over you decals. 

Apply the decal as you would any other waterslide decal. Cut the decals out carefully and soak in warm water for about 15 to 20 seconds. Take the decal out of the water and let it sit on a paper towel for a minute to a minute and one half, slide the decal off the backing paper onto the surface where you wish to place it. Move the decals carefully if you need to reposition. Blot off the excess water. You may apply decal setting solution if desired.  Let the decal dry completely before applying and finish over it.

We would never try and talk anyone out of trying to make their own decals but please read the following:

Please note that most of the  inks in the printers that you would use are to transparent to use on a dark background.  Most inks are designed to be printed on a white background.  The colors will more than likely will blend into the dark color of your background even if you are using a very light color ink.  To try and stop this from happening, you may either use a light background or print on a white background decal paper.  If you use a white background paper, remember to trim off all excess white that you do not want to show.  We hope that your project turns out the way you want it to. These suggestions are just that, suggestions, and do not guarantee your final end product.

 Creating Ink Jet Decals     
Ink Jet Paper Instructions

Ink jet Printers use liquid inks, (Water base) to create images on paper. Making decals with this type of printer requires decal paper with a special coating, which prevents liquid ink from beading. Ink jet printers typically use the paper stock to supply the white component or artwork color, so white ink is generally not available. However, white inkjet decal paper is available in addition to clear decal paper so that images needing a white background may be printed.

Please follow the three steps below to create and apply your decals:

Create Artwork

Use a computer, dry transfers, previously printed designs, and or pen and ink to create your artwork. You may use multiple colors, but be aware that dark background colors may show through light-color artwork. White decal paper may be used to produce white areas on your decal. Color photos may be used as artwork, but they should be printed on white decal paper so that the white component of the photo is present.

Print artwork onto the decal paper

If you created your artwork on a computer and have a printer, you may print that artwork directly onto the glossy side of the decal paper. Try using your “Normal Printing — medium resolution with Plain Paper” setting in your printer. If you get good results, try using even the “Econo Fast” with medium resolution with Plain Paper. After printing, you must apply thin, but thorough coats of Crystal Clear spray varnish or similar type of spray to seal the printed image on the decal paper.

We make available our services to print art for you on our machines.

We sell all types of material to help you from the start of your project to the finish including project starter packs for your convenience.


Decal application article as seen in Rod Maker magazine.
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